Mary Ridge's seventh-grade class (Harraseeket House); GSB volunteers: Julie Brooks, Samantha Croteau, Linda Cooper, and Stephanie Heatley
Thanks to Gorham Savings Bank's longtime partnership with Junior Achievement, in 2017 Maine middle schoolers had the chance to participate in Launchpad through the JA<em> "It's My Business!" </em>program. This innovative and collaborative process was designed to encourage independence, creativity, and critical thinking while emphasizing teamwork and engendering self-confidence in students.
Leading up to our 5th annual Launchpad competition, we visited with each of our past winners to see what’s changed since winning the $50,000 grant. Take a look!
Successful entrepreneurs and previous LaunchPad winners discuss the barriers, challenges and opportunities facing today’s early stage Maine companies.
Founded in 2013, Gorham Savings Bank’s LaunchPad celebrates and supports Maine ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.